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Vasectomy FAQs

Can my partner tell if I have had a vasectomy?

There is no significant change in one's ejaculate after a vasectomy since the sperm contributes a small amount to the overall ejaculate volume. Your partner may on occasion be able to feel the vasectomy site. This is particularly true if you have developed a granuloma.

Will my sense of orgasm be altered by having a vasectomy?

Ejaculation and orgasm are generally not affected by vasectomy. The only exception to this is the occasional patient who has developed post-vasectomy pain syndrome.

Can I become impotent after a vasectomy?

An uncomplicated vasectomy cannot cause impotence.

Can a vasectomy fail?

First, it is important to be certain that a vasectomy has been successful and that all sperm are absent from the ejaculate prior to stopping other forms of contraception. Even if the vasectomy has been demonstrated to be effective, there is a small chance that a vasectomy may fail. This occurs as a result of sperm leaking from one end of the cut vas deferens (the testicular end) and finding a channel to the other end (the abdominal end).

Can something happen to my testicles?

Rarely, the testicles may be injured during a vasectomy as a result of injury to the testicular artery. Other complications such as a mass of blood (hematoma) or infection may also affect the testicles.

Can I have children after my vasectomy?

Yes, but if you have not stored frozen sperm, you will require an additional procedure. The vas deferens can be micro surgically reconnected (in a procedure called a vasectomy reversal) to allow normal conception to occur. Alternatively, sperm can be extracted from the testicle or the epididymis and utilized for in vitro fertilization. These procedures are costly and may or may not be covered by insurance. Additionally, they are not successful 100 percent of the time. Therefore, one should carefully consider nonsurgical alternatives for contraception prior to deciding to proceed with a vasectomy.

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Information provided by the American Urological Association.