Intro to Patient Navigators

Your patient navigator understands your urologic symptoms, causes and treatments. 

Urologic health issues can feel overwhelming, but you're not alone

As part of USL’s comprehensive approach to care you will be assigned an experienced and compassionate patient navigator to guide you through treatments for BPH, Overactive Bladder and/or Prostate Cancer. Your patient navigator understands your symptoms, causes and treatments. They use their knowledge to guide you through a higher level of care by offering personalized one-on-one communication that lead to the best possible outcomes. 

To Your Patient Navigators

BPH & OAB Patient Navigators


Aireana Rudd, RN

Aireana Rudd joined Urology of St. Louis in 2020 and now serves as the OAB/BPH Lead Nurse Navigator. She is dedicated to providing her patients with concierge-level care. As the nurse navigator, she aids patients in understanding their diagnosis of overactive bladder, scheduling appointments for additional testing, and helping patients obtain a treatment plan that works best for them. Within this unique role, she can provide hope, resources, and a better quality of life for patients with the overactive bladder diagnosis.

Contact Aireana at 314-336-4910

Marissa Aubuchon

Since starting with Urology of St. Louis, Marissa has advocated for patients and enjoys aiding them in their next treatment step. She is passionate about delivering the best service to every patient. She uses her attention to detail to provide patients with scheduling assistance, counseling on further treatment options, and delegating calls to the appropriate nurses on her team, all with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for her patients. 

Contact Marissa at 314-336-4927

Advanced Prostate Cancer Patient Navigator

Allison Palladino, RN

Allison Palladio is a loving wife and mother of three children. Before joining Urology of St. Louis, Allison was an ER nurse at Mercy St. Louis. Although she will always have a place in her heart for the emergency room and the patients she’s helped, Allison is eager to help those afflicted with advanced prostate cancer. Several of Allison’s close family members have experienced their own battle with cancer. She has a holistic view in helping her patients because of her experience and knowing that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t stop with the affected organ or the patient. She is excited to help patients and their family maneuver through these difficult times and provide advocacy and support for her patients as if they were her own family.

Contact Allison at 314-336-5014