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USL Launches Kidney Stone Center

Kidney Stone Center

Call 800-NO-STONE (800-667-8663) for IMMEDIATE help for kidney stones 24/7.

Urology of St. Louis believes patients deserve rapid and convenient specialty care for kidney stones.
The Urology of St. Louis Kidney Stone Center strives to provide urgent diagnosis and care for patients with kidney stones. We offer immediate phone-based triage of symptoms from kidney stones and offer expedited evaluation by one of our board-certified urologists or advanced care providers. This means faster and more cost-effective care for all patients.


  • Immediate care

Kidney stones are often incredibly painful. Whether you think you may have a kidney stone or were recently diagnosed with a kidney stone, our 24/7 phone-based center will discuss rapid evaluation and treatment with you to avoid long wait times for care.

  • Cost-effective

Emergency room visits and hospitalizations are expensive. While sometimes the hospital is the most appropriate setting for the care of kidney stones, often stones can be managed in the outpatient setting at a much lower cost. We aim to minimize the cost of kidney stone treatment to the best of our ability.

  • Rapid kidney stone specialist evaluation

Urology of St. Louis has over 30 providers and board-certified urologists with specialized training in the management and treatment of kidney stones. We aim to offer same or next-day appointments to limit pain and inconvenience associated with kidney stones.

*All calls determined to not be related to a kidney stone will be referred for further evaluation per the provider’s discretion.

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